Top Ten Tuesday || Ten things on my reading wishlist

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. If you haven't heard of this meme each week there is a new topic chosen and you provide 10 items for that topic. This weeks topic is 'ten things on my reading wishlist'.

Serial Killers
Reading about serial killers is just so fascinating to me. I'm not sure why...I just find it so interesting.

Sassy Main Characters
If a book claims to have a sassy main character then I am there instantly. I love snarky, mouthy character.

Villain Main Characters
I love when you're not sure how you should feel about a character. I love when characters have more depth to them than just being good, I want to see that struggle between good and bad.

Mental Health
I love reading books about mental health, particularly anxiety as it's something I really relate to. 

I recently read daughter of the pirate king and LOVED it. I'm dying to read more books with pirates in but for some reason I haven't come across many.

YA Parents who are actually present
I am so fed up of reading a YA book where the parents are no where to be seen...what are you doing when your children are off galavanting around. Where are you???

More platonic relationships
I am so fed up of romantic relationships in books, I want more amazing friendships! Romantic relationships are boring me now...

Non-Romance new adult books
I feel like I should relate to new adult books more because the characters are more my age, but the situations in new adult just don't interest me at all. I want a new adult book about being at university or getting a full time job, I don't want all the dramatic romance.

More twists in books that actually surprise me
I know this is difficult because while some people might guess a twist others might not. It's all about experience, but I'm rarely surprised by twists in books but I SO want to be. 

This goes without saying really. We need more diversity in books!

Thanks for reading, what's on your reading wishlist?

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