Top 5 Wednesday - Book Trends I'm Tired Of

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme created by Gingerreadslainey over on Youtube. There is also a Goodreads group that shows the upcoming T5W subjects - here. This weeks subject is 'Book trends I'm tired of'. Just a quick disclaimer, some of the trends I'm tired of might be one's you love and vice versa so please don't take any offence! 

1. Insta-Love

I just don't get it okay. Not only is it extremely unrealistic but it's SO SO SO boring to read about. There's no reason they're together and it just feels like such a forced relationship. 
Granted sometimes books can get away with it if the rest of the book is amazing, but as a rule...just no.

2. Love triangles
Am I the only one who doesn't see the point...It's just pointless. And it's been done to death.

3. The completely normal girl who gets thrown into action and somehow becomes a ninja/badass fighter
I mean...that makes perfect sense of course. Why would it not.

4. Being 'fixed' by a boyfriend/girlfriend
You know because getting a boyfriend/girlfriend instantly cures you of any troubles you might have. I've see this happen way too much. 

5. Obvious plot twists
I've been burned more than once by this. There's this huge build up to a major revelation and then BAM. Oh something I saw coming 15 chapters ago. Well that's anti-climatic. 

So there we go, 5 book trends that I am sick and tired of. This is quite a negative post but you're allowed to be negative sometimes right? 

What book trends are you sick of? Do you enjoy any of the ones that I hate? Let me know in the comments! Follow


  1. This is too true! Insta-love will be the death of me D:

  2. Yes to all of these - especially your first two!